Capital One Slingshot

Taking a highly manual onboarding process and designing it into a self-service experience


In production


2 PMs, 15 SWEs


9 months



In 2022, Capital One brought a new product to the market called Slingshot, a software that helps businesses maximize their Snowflake investment. As we grew, the product features expanded. While many impactful new features were released, a need for a self-service experience became evident, as customers were experiencing a highly manual onboarding experience.


Customer Problem: Users can not sign up for a trial to test the product & the onboarding process takes ~3 weeks.

Business Problem: Due to being a new product, we had zero paying customers and limited amount of usage data.



New account Page

The First Self-Service Capabilities in Slingshot

With the self service release, businesses can now self-onboard to Slingshot, change their plan & offboard from Slingshot, all without need of a customer service representative. This allows users to see value as quickly as possible & decreases manual onboarding services.

Invite teammates widget

Allow your whole team to test out Slingshot

The goal is to get the user or users to see value as quickly as possible. By adding an invite your team feature, customers can invite their own teammates and begin to experience many of the benefits as they would if they were a paid business customer.

trial ticker countdown

Informing users of trial days remaining

Users need to quickly know how many days are left of their trial. With the trial ticker countdown, users can easily know how much time is left. Additionally, by making the ticker dynamic, Slingshot can encourage eligible customers to upgrade from trial to a paid plan.

Autonomy with Filters
Due to the lack of customization when it comes to retrieving dividend information on the platform, a filter function was created to give users control and choice. Since dividends can be large sets of data, a filter allows users to eliminate what does not satisfy their search criteria and suggests categories they may want.

Visualizations For Dividends
The current extent of dividend portrayal is a chronological list of dividends. The addition of information visualizations brings to life the once static and indigestible dividend data. With the tap of finger, a user can now see the fruition of each respective dividend investment.



Success metrics

1. Decreased onboarding from ~3 week process to an average of 2 hours for new business customers.
2. 15 new business customers within the first month of release.
3. A built out account page scalable for future account settings features.

My takeaways

Collaborating with an external development team was tricky due to communication gaps, differing technical limitations and restrictions of shared design files. To bridge this gap, I had to prioritize clear communication, establish a single source of truth for design specs and hold regular check-ins to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Designing for a niche user was tough because of our limited pool for user testing. To overcome this, we leveraged internal associates who represented our user population to understand their unique workflows and pain points.